Gridlords #29

Sunday, February 15 at 9:45  |  $5  | Featuring Ian Obermuller and Emily Nilsson

Ian Obermuller lives in Seattle and makes animation and music. We have, over Gridlords’ entire lifespan, once a year and during our segment in the NW animation festival, showcased Ian Obermuller’s epic series Self Absorb. We played episode 1 and 2 in our first year and then, as the episodes have built, we played them each year.

Self Absorb is a four-episode series exploring a world of bizarre mutations and cognitive experiments. An amnesiac in the jungle discovers a mysterious scientist who becomes entangled in a struggle amongst paranormal beings. Self Absorb is a masterpiece that is a complete singular vision entirely realized by its creator in his home studio. He wrote every word, made every frame, most of the music and recorded all of the dialogue, did every edit and sat through weeks of rendering. This incredible series, now complete, is a major marker and accomplishment representing a huge chunk of Obermuller’s life. This chunk was very fruitful!

Please come enjoy the pure hypnotic magic, mystery and incredible universe of Self Absorb in its entirety! YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

Emily Nilsson will be presenting an autobio scenic and musical adventure, “W for Wolf,” a memoir of childhood weirdness and frustration, and of the people who made it better.

Emily Nilsson is from Washington state and has lived in Portland for the last 16 years. She has co-hosted the multimedia art fiesta Gridlords with friend Sean Christensen since 2012. Previous ventures include a partnership in Pony Club Gallery and various group art exhibits in multiple locations.

Gridlords is a narrative arts and performance-based monthly live experience. Its roots are in Portland’s underground and art comics community, starting in April 2012 at the Waypost. With a strong love of interdisciplinary performance and storytelling, and a desire to marry sound and vision in new ways, Gridlords inventor Sean Christensen felt a void of a live experience in the world he knew was possible. He felt its echoes from fragments in memories and saw its potential in his future. Gridlords wishes to be the lectures of Lynda Barry as an explosive inspirational devotional performance piece or the performance pieces of Laurie Anderson as a universe! The world has become used to facing a device that is feeding you animated images and audio messages while your friend is virtually talking to you and your other friend is talking to you in person while facing their own device with a whole other set of stimuli. Gridlords is the stimulus presented all at once for a unified audience with an attention span. Gridlords wants you, the audience, to feel a part of something.



Monday, February 16