Gridlords #30

Sunday, March 29 at 7:30pm  |  $5  |

Gridlords welcomes back four Gridlordian Alumni, Lillie Craw, Asher Craw, (Gridlords lord of the Grid recipient) Cameron Hawkey & Dylan Jones to present new works. One of these works by Lillie Craw, illustrated by Asher Craw is being printed as part of Gridlords editions publications this year.

As well as these three exciting presentations, Gridlords art faculty Sean Christensen & Friends Chorus will be performing and presenting work from Gridlords 3rd anthology that has just been released this month, Chase Scenes Anthology!

Lillie & Asher Craw
The Craws are here to share an important story: the forthcoming Gridlords publication "#blessed." Lillie Craw's creation Party Twink (a former runway model and current Glitterverse enfant terrible who just happens to be a pink deer) will inspire you with help from Lillie and Asher Craw. Please bring your iPhone and plan to dress to impress (but not outshine - k thnx). The Craw's hybrid story showing/telling highlights their genius skills and will leave you breathless (but plz plan to save enuff breath for the mandatory gratitude journaling at the end) <3 <3 <3
Lillie & Asher Craw

Cameron Hawkey
Cameron is an artist from Casper, Wyoming. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones is a bag of student studying at PNCA. Gridlords followers should recall Jones’s 1st work, Worst Existence, during the Gridlords showcase in the NW Animation Festival. Worst Existence introduced Jones’s visual language: a “challenging piece where familiarity is alien and comforts give birth to discomforts in a beautiful style that feels loosely connected to the most psychedelic moments in Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure, or early Czech animation,” according to Sean Christensen (Gridlords’ founding lord).

Chase Scene
A new comic arts anthology from Gridlords Chase Scene is Gridlords' third anthology. Each one has been conceptual, starting with a romance-themed anthology and next an anthology called Other Worlds that is about worlds not yet seen. Chase Scene is an anthology entirely comprised of moments within the chase. The artists in these pages were asked to explore the time caught up in the act of the chase. The chase has so many places in our culture. We chase each other as children, instinctually showing each other that we wish to be near each other or wish to be caught. People chase rare objects of consumption. People chase money, love, fear, time, familial bonding, and all of these things ultimately add up to people chasing life to the end of it. Between the pages of Chase Scene you will find moments caught in the chase. No buildup, No full stop, always moving towards the goal!
Chase Scene was developed by Sean Christensen & Theo Ellsworth after Ellsworth had made a series of make-believe book covers. Chase Scene was the most evocative and over the last few years the two became obsessed with what could be inside. Here they have realized this dream!



Monday, March 30