Series: Northwest Animation Festival

Gridlords is a narrative arts and performance-based monthly live experience. Its roots are in Portland’s underground and art comics community, starting in April 2012 at the Waypost. With a strong love of interdisciplinary performance and storytelling, and a desire to marry sound and vision in new ways, Gridlords inventor Sean Christensen felt a void of a live experience in the world he knew was possible. He felt its echoes from fragments in memories and saw its potential in his future. Gridlords wishes to be the lectures of Lynda Barry as an explosive inspirational devotional performance piece or the performance pieces of Laurie Anderson as a universe! The world has become used to facing a device that is feeding you animated images and audio messages while your friend is virtually talking to you and your other friend is talking to you in person while facing their own device with a whole other set of stimuli. Gridlords is the stimulus presented all at once for a unified audience with an attention span. Gridlords wants you, the audience, to feel a part of something.

Eamon Espey & Lisa Krause: performing Ishi’s Brain
Ishi’s Brain is a show by Lisa Krause and Eamon Espey that incorporates shadow puppets, a marionette, masks and a liberal use of painted cardboard. It’s based on a chapter in Espey’s new graphic novel, Songs of the Abyss. The true story is about a man who has often been referred to as “the last wild Indian.” In Krause and Espey’s version, it becomes a science fiction ritual where a lone spirit spends his final days and an alien shaman guides him into the next world.

MSHR is a collaborative audio-visual project by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. The duo works across digital, analog and organic media to build synthesizers, installations, recordings and rituals. “A hand tracing a spiral in the wet sand, meshing with the sky to form a nano chip.”

Chelsea Kamm w/ the Many Fur Puppet troupe
IN THE DARK TIMES. A short and sweet shadow puppet show about the end times by the Many Fur Puppet Troupe, set to a live soundtrack by a wild band of Portland locals.

The Many Fur Puppet Troupe is an ever-changing group of collaborators scattered across the country from Florida to Chicago. We make experimental shadow puppetry on the overhead projector. Somehow we have found ourselves in Oregon, and we are very excited to present our most current incarnation – a collaboration between Eugene based puppeteer Chelsea Kamm and an amorphous group of Portland musicians.

Erin Tanner performing Dream Governor
Dream Governor: a multi media collage story of a full time dreamer who lives in the dome of a capitol building, inspired by recent travel time and conversations in Olympia Wa and Providence RI. Erin Tanner is a pacific northwest based artist in realms of comics, puppetry, performance, animation, piano, comedy, storytelling, and most recently mural paintings and video.

MARSUPLALA is a collaborative performance project between artists Wally C. and Alex Chiu. The project can be described as a collage of creative vomit; some of the best there is to offer in the world of Weirdo Art Theater. Expect to see full body monster costumes, animated violence, and drippy cuteness.

Lori D. presents a Gridlords Animation reel

Stefan Gruber is a Seattle animator and performance artist. He creates a short hand drawn, digitally finished film every year. Edible Rocks is his new film about the time he convinced his little brother that there were rocks you can eat.

Amy Lockhart is a filmmaker, animator and artist. Her animations have screened at festivals nationally and internationally, including the Ann Arbor Film Festival and International Animation Festival in Hiroshima, Japan.

Lilli Carré is an artist and illustrator living in Chicago. She primarily works in the forms of animation and comics, and is the co-founder of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation. She has created several books of comics, most recently the short story collection Heads or Tails, published by Fantagraphics Books.

Leif Goldberg’s mystifying films present the viewer with an ecstatic obstacle course of mutating images and delightfully warped sounds. In addition to filmmaking, Goldberg is an independent artist whose work ranges from drawings and objects to screen prints.

(from Anthology Film Archives program notes, Feb. 2013)

Lori D. is a Portland based independent Illustrator & animator. LORD I: THE RECORDS KEEPER is a hand-drawn animated film that she has been working on for over 10 orbits of the earth. LORD I is a story of a documentarian learning to shake off the mental barnacles of the past and the holographic barnacle projections of the future in order to encounter the indefinable present moment.



Saturday, April 18