GTFO - A Film about Women in Gaming

Series: Collective Eye Documentary Series

Sunday, January 31 at 7:00pm  |  $8  |

Collective Eye Films and PIGSQUAD Portland are excited to present GTFO - A Film About Women in Gaming. Premiered at SXSW, the film has since garnered several awards and accolades for it's honest, unfiltered look at the harassment of women in the gaming industry.

Sparked by a public display of sexual harassment in 2012, GTFO pries open the video game world to explore a 20 billion dollar industry that is riddled with discrimination and misogyny. Although half of all gamers are women, females are disproportionately subject to harassment and abuse from other gamers, and are massively under-represented in the video game design world. Through interviews with video game developers, journalists, and academics, GTFO examines the female experience in gaming and begins a larger conversation that will shape the future of the video game world.


Monday, February 1