Halloween H20

Series: Queer Horror

The Hollywood Theatre’s bimonthly series Queer Horror celebrates the season – and Queer Horror’s limited edition screen-printed Halloween porter release with Royale Brewing Co – with HALLOWEEN H20! Sponsored by Royale Brewing and Finger Bang nail salon, this 20th anniversary screening opens with a preshow tribute to the night HE came home twenty years later (twenty years ago) hosted by Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi!

Directed by Steve Miner from a treatment by producer and out queer screenwriter Kevin Williamson, 1998’s HALLOWEEN H20 finds Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) living under an assumed identity as a private school headmistress in Northern California, two decades after she became the sole survivor of her brother’s bloody rampage in Haddonfield. When Michael returns to finish what began on Halloween night in 1978, Laurie must rediscover her inner survivor to save not just her own life but those of her only son (Josh Hartnett) and his girlfriend (Michelle Williams). Also starring LL Cool J and Joseph Gordon Levitt, HALLOWEEN H20 is the original sequel to ignore the rest of the franchise and pit Laurie Strode in a relentless fight to the death with Michael Myers – and in the process creating a feminist warrior more fierce than death itself.

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Wheelchair accessible
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