Heaven and Earth Magic

Friday January 16 7:00 pm  |  $12 in advance, $15 day of show

HEAVEN AND EARTH MAGIC is a feature length cut-out animated film Harry Smith shot entirely alone in his tiny East Side apartment in New York. Using his own bed as an animation stand, he appropriated images from 19th century sources to tell an eerie, visually austere story about a woman, a watermelon, and a toothache. Film historian and Oregon Cartoon Institute co-founder Dennis Nyback researched the expanded cinema techniques Harry Smith used to present the film in 1961 and will recreate them in real time, moving improvisationally between a 16mm film and two 35mm slide projectors to create a layered image onscreen.

The panel discussion after the screening includes Dennis Nyback; Chuck Pirtle, a Harry Smith historian; Eric Isaacson, the owner of Mississippi Records, which recently reissued Harry Smith’s famed Anthology of American Folk Music.



Saturday, January 17