Heavy Breather

Sunday, August 30 at 9:30pm  |  $5  |

"Local celebrities" Charlie Salas Humara (Panther/Sun Angle) and Marius Libman (Copy/Sun Angle) are expanding their own uniquely off balance radio talk show on X-Ray FM into the video realm for Portland cable access this summer and will premier the first episode at the historic Hollywood Theatre. Produced by "digital video hustlers" Eric Mast (E*Rock/Audio Dregs Recordings) and Dane Overton (Ecstacy), the event will feature Marius and Charlie hosting live, as well as presenting a selection of videos by local producer Whitey McConnaughy (Funny Or Die) and Andrew Brobek and Matty Goldsmith's new video debut, Rainbow Chasers.

Heavy Breather Tonight! Episode #1: Eroticism (debut)
Whitey McConnaughy (Funny Or Die)
Rainbow Chasers (debut)


Monday, August 31