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Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

A digital restoration for this legendary, chilling and harrowing film’s 30th anniversary.

Henry (Michael Rooker), a psychopathic drifter who has left a trail of dead bodies in his wake, settles for a while at the dilapidated Chicago apartment of his sleazy ex-prison buddy, Otis (Tom Towles). Into this toxic environment comes Otis’ younger sister, Becky (Tracy Arnold), who’s fleeing an abusive marriage and looking for a place to stay.   Becky finds herself attracted to Henry and sees him as a potential lover and herself as his possible savior. What she doesn’t realize is that Otis and Henry are now killing together, murdering for kicks and sinking to ever more shocking depths of depravity. Gritty, gory and highly unsettling, cult filmmaker John McNaughton’s controversial horror classic (shelved for three years thanks to an X-rating from the MPAA, finally securing an unrated release in 1989) is a nightmarish cinema landmark that once seen, is not easily forgotten.

Year 1986
Format Digital