Hip Hop & Comics: Cultures Colliding

Sunday, May 31 at 12:00pm  |  $10  |

With Play (of Kid ‘N Play), Portland comics writer David Walker, graffiti artist 179, Mix Master Mike, and other guests TBA.

Hip Hop and Graphic Novels are two vastly different circles that intersect more than you may realize in the giant venn diagram of the art world. We see the Hip Hop community of musicians and graffiti artists often drawing on superhero imagery, adopting alter egos, and creating origin stories much like comics. We also see Comic creators incorporations Hip Hops rich visual vocabulary of music, dance, fashion and art into their own work. Patrick A. Reed (Depth of field magazine) will be bringing together Graphic artists and Musical innovators to discuss interconnectivity between these two creative culture.


Sunday, May 31