Hobo, You Can't Ride That Train

This 16mm program is presented by local film archivist Dennis Nyback . A fascinating and offbeat look at hobo culture and freight hoppers.  Films feature a history of American trains, a quirky 1939 cartoon “The Hobo Gadget Band” that inspired the film “Brother Where Out Thou”, a hobo comedic short from 1920 with hobo lingo intertitles, Borrah Minevitch & His Harmonica Rascals doing “Boxcar Rhaposody” as well as a performance by labor organizer, folk singer, historian, storyteller, poet, and the “Golden Voice of the Great Southwest” Utah Phillips in  the 1977 film “Hobo at the End of the Line”. Plus newsreel footage of freight train riders from the Great Depression.   Dennis Nyback will also tell  stories of his train hopping days and welcome questions and comments, with hopes other freight train riders will share their stories.


Tuesday, May 19