Holiday Inn

Series: This Is Your Theatre

Saturday, December 20 at 7:00pm  |  $8

This Is Your Theatre—the series where you the audience vote for the films you want to see on the big screen—brings you the classic musical comedy HOLIDAY INN starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire!

HOLIDAY INN (1942): Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby) and Ted Hanover (Fred Astaire) are a popular New York City nightclub song-and-dance team.  When Jim gets his heart broken, he breaks up the act and decides to retire from big city showbiz.  He buys a farm in New England and converts it to an inn which he opens to the public only on holidays, and Hanover soon decides to tag along.  What follows is a steady stream of Irving Berlin songs, each set to a different holiday.  Highlights include Astaire’s memorable Fourth of July firecracker dance and Crosby’s soulful rendition of the classic holiday song “White Christmas”—12 years before the song was immortalized by the movie of the same name.  Nominated for three Academy Awards!

Please note: HOLIDAY INN features several instances of objectionable representations of African-Americans.  The Hollywood Theatre does not endorse the film or the views expressed therein.  This film was selected for screening by the majority of votes through the This is Your Theatre platform.  Though there may be many enjoyable aspects to the film, the Hollywood Theatre acknowledges its failings and advises all filmgoers to be aware of its content before purchasing tickets.

100 minutes
Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds
Mark Sandrich


Sunday, December 21