HouseSpecial: Animating Portland

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

HouseSpecial is the Portland animation studio best known for bringing M&Ms and Planters Peanuts commercials to life. Watch as their world-class team of producers, directors, artists, and animators tackle a new stop-motion project live on stage!

Audience members will have a chance to weigh-in on decisions as the team journeys through character design, fabrication, set load-in, lighting... And then actually beginning to animate a stop-motion scene before our very eyes. Celebrate the start of festival week with a very rare and special interactive experience!

After the presentation, join us for "Meet the Animation Tribe": a free networking party directly across the street at The Magnolia wine bar. Whether you're an industry veteran, a freelancer just finding your feet, or only arrived in Portland yesterday, show up to schmooze with friends, both old and new. 

90 min
Assistive Listening