Howard the Duck (2016)

Series: Hecklevision

Friday, March 20 at 9:30pm | $8 |

“This does not bode well…”

Despite its respectable pedigree - a Universal picture produced by George Lucas from Marvel Comics material - Howard the Duck is one of the most hilariously god-awful 111 minutes in cinematic history. It’s also the first proper Marvel feature film ever, which is especially amazing considering audiences were recently re-introduced to the titular birdman via the smash-hit Guardians of the Galaxy!

Upon its arrival on Earth in 1986, moviegoers had no idea what to make of this crass, boorish film that was soon to become a cult classic curiosity. Is it a comic book movie? What is Howard? Like, really a duck? ‘Cause the opening scenes feature him originating from a whole planet of ducks like him, so … is he some kind of alien? Why is the nice girl from Back to the Future, Leah Thompson (playing a punk rock band leader named Beverly), in this movie? Jeffrey Jones also stars - his turn in Howard the Duck immediately precedes his highly memorable role as Rooney in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Tim Robbins plays a big role here too, but one will have to remember this was long before he got around to winning Oscars. He uses a duck voice in this movie a few times. Yeah.

HOWARD THE DUCK features some truly questionable material, especially considering that it’s from LucasFilm. For example, we only find that Howard is duck that can’t swim (!) when he’s thrown into a hot tub where a couple of amorous humans are going for it. Howard nearly hooks up with Beverly in a scene as cringe worthy as it is eerie. There’s also the giant tentacle-tongue, and duck boobs… Did I mention this movie is rated PG?

The script is mostly bad puns, but Lea Thompson and her band Cherry Bomb provide some excellent 80’s flavor, playing to a crowd of some pretty awesome 80s punks. Howard’s humanoid hands prove deft on the guitar, in a terribly memorable music sequence to wrap things up!

Although Industrial Light and Magic did handle the special effects, creepily human-eyed Howard is a big reason why the film is so strange, and such a sight to behold. Garnering three Razzies, including Worst Picture, Howard the Duck is a confusing, entertaining mess that plays only by its own broken rules!

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Be at the Hollywood Theatre on Friday March 20th to experience this hilarious and unique event - along with the announcement of April’s Hecklevision!

This month's guest hecklers :
Craig May
Jon Washington
Bill Conway
Steven Wilber
Jeremy Eli
Christen Manville
David Mascorro
Katie Rose Leo
James Barela
Patrick Quinn
Aaron Klopfer
A ndy MacDonald

Programmed by Art Santana
Comedians curated by Sean Jordan

Presented by Deschutes Brewery



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