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International Spectacular #1

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

Friday evening kicks off a three-night extravaganza of amazing international shorts. Selected from over 1500 submissions, this panoramic variety show offers profound and playfully peculiar delights to satisfy nearly every taste.

Here's some of what you'll see: The legendary King of Indie Animation, Bill Plympton, delivers a hilarious new episode in his Guard Dog series... This time, our overzealous canine hero has found himself a job sniffing for illegal drugs at the airport. Mirror-image kings happily worship twin gods of symmetry — until the unexpected birth of an unmatched child brings divine wrath down upon their heads. When a colossal ogre attends a fancy business banquet, he's overwhelmed by the urge to consume everything in sight, and begins to devour ever larger portions of the world. In a tight-knit New England community, the arrival of a jovial barber provides a mystical woodland creature with the opportunity to unseat the town's mean-spirited minister. Humanoid monkeys, mice, and sardines perform an utterly surreal mini-opera about working in low-status jobs — leaving the audience with almost painfully beautiful feeling of existential hope.

Some mature themes.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass

Format Digital
Runtime 180 mins, plus two short intermissions
Wheelchair accessible Yes


Friday, May 25