International Spectacular #2 2017

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

NW Animation Fest's parade of astonishing short films continues on Saturday night with a second collection of this year's very best work. Selected from over 1100 submissions, the evening includes remarkable stories from China, Russia, France, Israel, Croatia, Spain, and more. Watch as national boundaries fall away, and the reign of unfettered imagination begins.

Here's some of what you'll see: When a good-luck-girl and bad-luck-boy cross paths, madcap adventure ensues, hurtling down the streets of San Francisco in an out-of-control ice cream cart. Within a fascinating pocket universe of Tetris-like blocks, an enigmatic figure struggles to repair the joyful chaos being caused by a hyperactive red ball. Knowing he's doomed to go bald like the rest of the men in his family, an oddball gent exuberantly embraces his future. A woman who can't stop growing new fingers finds solace in an underground society of sewer mutants. Crossing through the desperately cold Yukon wilderness on foot, a lone man and his dog struggle for survival. An exotic bird, ripped from the jungle, learns how to expertly mimic the songs of the city and quickly becomes an internet sensation.

(Some mature themes)

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Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass 

180 min, plus two short intermissions
Assistive Listening


Saturday, May 13