International Spectacular #3 2016

Sunday, May 15 at 7:00pm | $15

This year's NW Animation Fest concludes with an explosive cabaret of cartoons, digital delights, and show-stopping stop-motion. Selected from a pool of 1300 submissions, you can trust that we've saved a few of our most favorite films for the big finale.

Here's some of what you'll see on Sunday night: When henchmen of a gigantic disembodied head steal a sheep dog and shoot it into space, a Goliath-like shepherd goes on a desperate quest through a subterranean metropolis — becoming a multi-platinum music sensation along the way — until the intergalactic space witch transforms said dog into a woman, and the final cataclysmic revolution can begin. (Srsly? YES!) A young Chinese girl's father tells her that a cow lives at the bottom of her cup, so she drinks her milk; as she gradually realizes the extent of his habitual lies, trust and love are put to a difficult test. Animation legend Bill Plympton relates the charming tale of a stoplight's rise from humble beginnings to fame and celebrity. As his airplane comes crashing down from the sky in flames, a WWII fighter pilot leaps out into the night, plummeting without a parachute into the merciful embrace of a colossal jellyfish.

(180 minutes, two short intermissions. Some mature themes.)


The Northwest Animation Festival (May 9-15) showcases visionary worlds of fantasy, unforgettable stories, and outlandish oddities from around the globe. See the year's best international shorts, selected from over 1300 submissions. Explore seven special topic screenings. Participate in conversations with filmmakers. Play at late night after-parties. If you're an animation-lover, this is the must-see event of 2016!

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Monday, May 16