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Series: Pipe Organ Pictures

This is IT.  The 1927 film sensation that rocketed the fabulous Clara Bow into a Hollywood legend. She lights up the screen in this delightful and light-hearted comedy. Critics praised the star and the film as “a joy to behold."

Appropriately named “IT”….. (the 1920’s word for sex appeal) Clara Bow defines the jazz era and was the quintessential definition of a flapper.

“All the women wanted to be her and all the men wanted to be with her!"  Don’t miss IT.

Also we'll be presenting an original vintage cartoon and special Clara Bow montage before the show.

Hollywood organist Dean Lemire at the Mighty Wurlitzer performing his original score.

Year 1927
Format Digital
Runtime 95mins
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Yes
Closed captioning No


Saturday, January 25