Italian Horror Double Feature

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an ITALIAN HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE . Featuring rare 35mm prints of Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell (at 7:30pm) and Andrea Bianchi’s Burial Ground: Nights of Terror (at 9:30pm). Only $8 for both movies!

Gates of Hell (1980) A surreal Italian gutmuncher from gore-maestro Lucio Fulci!  A priest commits suicide and unwittingly opens the gateway to hell.  The rotting dead rise from their graves to feed on the living in gruesome fashion, while a psychic and a journalist attempt to stop the rancid carnage.  This is Lucio Fulci at his finest, so prepare yourself for zombie killing, head drilling, intestine spilling mayhem!  Powered by Fabio Frizzi’s creepy soundtrack and top notch special effects.

Burial Ground: Nights of Terror (1981) A group of vacationers visit an old isolated manor.  Unfortunately, a professor has recently opened a crypt on the property, unleashing a horde of vicious zombies.  Time for the blood to flow and the guts to spill.  Also, in the strangest casting decision in cinema history, a thirtysomething young man plays a ten year old child with an Oedipus complex.  Extreme sleaze, gruesome gore, and Italian weirdness run rampant, all accompanied by a groovy synthesized soundtrack.



Wednesday, April 30