Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind

Ethan Coen's epic documentary on one of rock n' roll and country music's most controversial luminaries.

This is Ethan Coen's first movie without his brother Joel. Ethan takes as pure an approach to documentary filmmaking as imaginable, creating a home movie feel. It's as if he was with Jerry Lee from 1955 to 1996.

Told entirely through archival clips, TV appearances, interviews and concert footage, the film invites you into the extreme life of Jerry Lee Lewis, his cohorts and his family. The ugliness of Jerry's wedding to his 13 year old cousin, shooting a couple of his bandmates and being an egomaniac of the highest order are addressed. Beyond and above that, we get tons of strange and dynamic performances, Jerry talking about how he's gonna play Christ in a film, and a deep dive into a rock n' roll and country music world rarely seen.

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Ethan Coen


Wednesday, January 17