Juan of the Dead

“The Cuban zombie revolution movie Juan of the Dead is a film that not only gives a new coat of paint to the zombie genre, it pimps it out with flames and adds a pair of fuzzy dice.” – Badass Digest

Juan and Lazaro are two lazy con-men living in Havana.  When people in the city suddenly start attacking each other, the government claims it’s the work of dissidents, but Juan discovers that it’s a violent zombie outbreak. Juan and Lazaro decide to forge a new business, and rent themselves out as a professional zombie killers. Joined by their estranged adult children, they start to get rid of the infected…at a reasonable price. Juan of the Dead mixes hilarious comedy with enough zombie carnage to keep even the most bloodthirsty of horror hounds satisfied. This is the first horror film ever produced in Cuba, and is one of the best zombie movies in years.



Friday, May 25