KBOO 50th Anniversary

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, KBOO is teaming with the Mississippi Records Music and Film Series to show 3 great movies that have not been seen on the big screen in Portland for long time.

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Coal Miner's Daughter

Wednesday, September 5, 10:30 PM

Easily one of the best biopics about a musician ever made! This 1980 film chronicles the life of country singer Loretta Lynn. Sissy Spacek brings serious sincerity and depth to her portrayal of Loretta and does her own very credible singing in the movie, as does Beverly D'Angelo in the role of Patsy Cline. Tommy Lee Jones also delivers one of his best performances. Beautiful cinematography, …


Killer of Sheep

Wednesday, October 3, 10:30 PM

Filmed in Watts in 1975, KILLER OF SHEEP is an incredible document of the dignity and struggles of the people in the area. The movie follows a working man in a moment of existential crisis - trying to make ends meet at a job he finds repugnant and trying to connect with his family and community. Made with an all-black cast and crew, the movie was one of the few all-black productions of its time, …


Wild in the Streets

Wednesday, November 7, 10:30 PM

A freaked out '60s exploitation movie, WILD IN THE STREETS follows Max Frost and the Troopers - a psychedelic rock band that manage to take over the United States after the voting age is lowered to 16. The new regime legalizes all drugs, puts everyone over 30 into acid re-education camps, and creates a new hippie/fascist "utopia." Features Shelley Winters and Richard Pryor, a bunch…