Killing Lazarus

Sunday, August 2 at 8:00pm (opening reception at 7:00pm)  |  $20 VIP reception tickets, $10 general admission

KILLING LAZARUS is a gritty urban drama with the characteristics of a mystery-thriller. Developed in the same vein as iconic films like BROOKLYN'S FINEST and DEAD PRESIDENTS, KILLING LAZARUS takes viewers on what begins as a typical ride with anything but typical results. In this 120-minute feature film, a childhood friendship shaped by necessity turns into a drug-dealing partnership between Thurgood Jacobs (aka T), and his closest friend, Lazarus James (aka L). It's just two days before T's 30th birthday. The wear and tear of the drug business is weighing on his conscience, and the police are putting pressure on his team.  However, L's sinister influence convinces T to stick it out for one last big score.

Director and Portland native Desmond Faison has refined and perfected his techniques on shorts and mini-series in Los Angeles and New York.  Bringing this climatic feature home to Portland on the day of its worldwide premiere brings Faison's career full circle.

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Monday, August 3