Crippled Avengers

Series: Kung Fu Theater

Due to a shipping error, the print of SNAKE DEADLY ACT will not be here in time for tonight's screening. We're replacing it with the only known 35mm print of the Shaw Brothers classic CRIPPLED AVENGERS (and we'll watch SNAKE DEADLY ACT next month). We sincerely apologize!

Tickets already purchased for SNAKE DEADLY ACT will still be honored for this show.

CRIPPLED AVENGERS (1978): The Venom Mob star as a group of men each individually attacked and left crippled.  One is blind, one is deaf and mute, one legless, and one mentally challenged. Now they must each learn unique kung fu to overcome their disabilities and exact revenge on the person responsible: the ruthless man with the iron hands! Get ready for non-stop martial arts mayhem, wild acrobatics, and funky style (did ancient kung fu masters really roam the Chinese countryside bare-chested, sporting huge sideburns?). Directed by Chang Cheh and presented in Shaw Scope.



Wednesday, June 15