Eight Diagram Pole Fighter

Series: Kung Fu Theater

Kung Fu Theater presents an extremely rare 35mm print of this martial arts masterpiece! Advance tickets are strongly recommended!

EIGHT DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER (aka INVINCIBLE POLE FIGHTER) (1984) A family of fighters is ambushed by invaders in a fierce battle that leaves the family's father and four of six brothers dead. One of the remaining brothers (Gordon Liu) swears revenge, and forces his way into the Shaolin Temple to master his pole fighting skills. When his younger sister is kidnapped by the invaders, it's payback time. After numerous jaw-dropping fight scenes, there is a massive climactic battle that ranks among the greatest action scenes in movie history. This film is directed by martial arts master Lau Kar Leung (36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN), stars Gordon Liu (36TH CHAMBER, FIST OF THE WHITE LOTUS), and is an all-out kung fu masterpiece.



Wednesday 08/10/16