Fist of the White Lotus

Series: Kung Fu Theater

Kung Fu Theater presents the only known 35mm print of the crowd-pleasing masterpiece FIST OF THE WHITE LOTUS!  Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

FIST OF THE WHITE LOTUS (1980) Gordon Liu is out to avenge the destruction of the Shaolin Temple! But he's up against an incarnation of the greatest villain in martial arts movie history: the unstoppable white-eyebrowed Pai Mei. Lo Lieh plays the villain, and he's at his trash-talking, beard-stroking, kung fu annihilating best. He'll even fight while he's naked. But watch out for his kung fu crotch! The opening credit sequence alone is worth the price of admission, and the fight scenes are choreographed by kung fu master Lau Kar Leung (director of 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN). Presented in glorious Shaw Scope!


Wednesday 11/11/15