Kung Fu Theater: Jade Claw

Kung Fu Theater presents the only known 35mm print of the martial arts classic JADE CLAW. Advance tickets are strongly recommended!

JADE CLAW (aka CRYSTAL FIST) (1979) Billy Chong stars as a young man who vows revenge after the murder of his father by an evil master of the “Phoenix Eye Fist”. He begins grueling training under his father’s former master, who teaches him “The Shadow Claw”; a deadly combination of the Eagle Claw and Shadow Fist. Soon he’ll be on his road to revenge against Phoenix Eye Fist and his evil kung fu henchman (one who is deaf, and the other, blind), and we’ll witness a multitude of bone-crushing, jaw-dropping fight scenes! With fight choreography by the Yuen Clan, this obscurity is not to be missed in this incredibly rare big screen appearance!


Wednesday, February 10