Shaolin vs. Lama

Series: Kung Fu Theater

Kung Fu Theater presents SHAOLIN VS. LAMA.  This is the only known 35mm print of this film, and it's in pristine condition.

SHAOLIN VS. LAMA (1983) A Tibetan Lama (not a llama) steals a sacred Shaolin manual outlining all 72 kung fu fighting styles. At the same time, a young street fighter goes to the Shaolin Temple and meets an alcoholic kung fu master who agrees to train him. The Lama villain becomes an unstoppable master who begins to unleash his fury at Shaolin, resulting in a flurry of vicious kung fu fights. Now it's up to the young fighter to save the day with his "Buddha Finger" technique. This movie is non-stop ferocious kung fu madness!


Wednesday 11/12/14