Kung Fu Theater: The Hot, The Cool and the Vicious

Kung Fu Theater presents the only known 35mm print of the martial arts obscurity The Hot, The Cool and the Vicious. Advance tickets are strongly recommended!

The Hot, The Cool and the Vicious (1977) A notorious “South Fist” killer wanders into a small town run by a crime boss and his “Northern Leg” henchman. The town is filled with odd characters, including a woman who is secretly a nighttime ninja. This is all action-packed entertainment, but the movie really takes off with the arrival of the villain: a blond-haired, Chinese albino assassin with an echoing voice and a ferocious fighting style. Now, the “South Fist” and “Northern Leg” will have to combine their styles in an effort to defeat the ruthless villain!

35mm kung fu trailers before the movie.


Wednesday, October 15