The Man From Hong Kong

Series: Kung Fu Theater

Kung Fu Theater presents an extremely rare 35mm print of THE MAN FROM HONG KONG, with director Brian Trenchard-Smith in attendance! Advance tickets are strongly recommended!

THE MAN FROM HONG KONG (1975) When Australian police undercover a massive drug smuggling ring with connections to Hong Kong, they fly in master crime fighter Jimmy Wang Yu (MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE) to take care of business. Between white-knuckle car chases, brutal kung fu fights, and hair-raising stunts, Jimmy also finds time to seduce every woman in sight. Former James Bond actor George Lazenby plays the villain, and he's a slimy mustachioed expert of white boy martial arts. This movie is filled with non-stop excitement, beautiful hang-gliding women, and insane stunt work (by stunt coordinators Sammo Hung and Aussie wild man Grant Page, the man behind MAD MAX). Not to be missed in this rare big-screen appearance!

Brian Trenchard-Smith is a director most famous for his 70's and 80's Australian action films, including STUNT ROCK, BMX BANDITS, DEAD END DRIVE-IN and THE MAN FROM HONG KONG. He's known for making large-scale movies on small-scale budgets, and Quentin Tarantino lists him as one of his favorite directors of all time.


Wednesday, May 13