Lady Terminator

Series: Grindhouse Film Festival

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an extremely rare 35mm print of this mind-blowing Indonesian action/horror classic! Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

LADY TERMINATOR (1988) A woman is possessed by an ancient mystical queen out for vengeance, turning her into an unstoppable killing machine! She takes off on a rampage across Indonesia, gunning down anyone who gets in her way, and blowing apart half of the country. For those foolish enough to try to put their hands on her, she also castrates men with an eel that lives inside of her. Bullet-riddled mayhem, disco shootouts, mind-boggling dialogue, a mullet-headed cop who drives a tank, and so much more. A ripoff (improvement?) of THE TERMINATOR in full-throttle '80s excess!

35mm exploitation trailers before the movie.

Assistive Listening
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