Last Action Hero

Series: Hecklevision

LAST ACTION HERO is a film that lives outside of any tangible genre. It’s a movie-in-a-movie that references other movies. More specifically, it’s an action-movie-in-an-action-movie that references other action movies. The film centers around Danny Madigan ( Austin O’Brien ), a teenager plagued with mounting hardships. Danny copes with life by skipping school and frequenting a rundown movie theater. He becomes particularly fond of the Jack Slater franchise of action films. Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a fictional, unyielding detective that packs punches and corny one-liners. Slate is the quintessential action movie hero. Prior to watching a sneak peak of the latest Jack Slater film, Danny receives a magic ticket from the theater owner, Nick (Robert Prosky). The Slater film begins, the ticket starts to glow and WHOA! Suddenly Danny is catapulted into the big screen alongside detective Slater. The two pair up and soon find themselves involved in improbable car chases, epic explosions, and sporadic gunfire. While navigating through the endless action, Danny desperately tries to explain to Jack that they are in a movie and they need to literally find reality in order to survive.

What is Hecklevision? Hecklevision screens movies using MuVChat technology. Simply text your heckles, jokes, commentary and questions from your seat and they magically appear on screen beside the film. Hecklevision comes around each month with a variety of special comedic guests, thus guaranteeing the optimal hilarious Hecklevision experience!

This month’s special guests:

Dan Weber
Philip Mills
Dylan Reiff
Kelly Richardson
Becky Braunstein
Nariko Ott

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Tuesday, July 19