The Lavender Scare

Series: QDoc

This is part of QDoc 2017
"THE LAVENDER SCARE is the first documentary film to tell the little-known story of an unrelenting campaign by the federal government to identify and fire all employees suspected of being homosexual.

"In 1953, President Eisenhower declared gay men and lesbians to be a threat to the security of the country and therefore unfit for government service.In doing so, he triggered the longest witch hunt in U.S.history.

"Over the next four decades, tens of thousands of government workers would lose their jobs for no reason other than their sexual orientation. But the actions of the government had an unintended effect: They inadvertently helped ignite the gay rights movement.

"In 1957, after thousands had lost their jobs, a Harvard-trained astronomer named Frank Kameny became the first person to fight his dismissal. His attempts to regain his job evolved into a lifelong fight for the rights of LGBT people.

"THE LAVENDER SCARE is a compelling story of one man’s fight for justice. And it is a chilling reminder of how easy it can be, during a time of fear and uncertainty, to trample the rights of an entire class of people in the name of patriotism and national security." —

Director Josh Howard in attendance!

Sponsored by: John Forsgren, Dan Winter

Assistive Listening
Josh Howard
77 mins
The Lavender Scare


Sunday, May 21