Leadfinger: 10th Anniversary

Long before Portland-raised filmmakers Sean & Austin turned to sketch comedy with Hapstance Films (and produced indie film COUP DE CINEMA), they were just a couple of 8th graders who couldn’t decide what was cooler — James Bond or Jackie Chan. With lofty dreams of their future in cinema, the two set out to make THE BEST ACTION-COMEDY EVER MADE.

They had no idea what they were doing, but nevertheless, Leadfinger premiered two years later in Thanksgiving 2004 to a packed house at the main screen of Portland’s historic Hollywood Theatre in an event hosted by legendary Morgan Spurlock. It’s a tale of absurdly frequent martial-arts setpieces, improvised dialogue, laser cannons, hacking, gender-bending espionage, and an abused lab assistant named Edgar.

Join us this December 21st for Leadfinger's 10 year anniversary, and celebrate Portland’s most endearingly low-key action flick!


Monday, December 22