Legally Blonde

Series: Fashion in Film

21 years ago the film LEGALLY BLONDE debuted, gifting the world with the power of pink, a perfect Jennifer Coolidge, and the lesson you can be smart and wear what you want. It follows fashion merchandising major/sorority girl Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon in a career-making role) who desperately wants to marry her hottie, but snobby, boyfriend. Instead, he dumps her and goes off to Harvard to become a lawyer, prompting Elle to do the same ("What, like it's hard?"). But Harvard is a far cry from California and Elle will need to figure out how to make it in law school as she encounters new friends and foes along the way - Selma Blair, Luke Wilson, and Holland Taylor to name a few. The iconic fashion film culminates with the greatest trial scene of our generation centered around hair care practices.

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Monday, July 11