Series: Stage Meets Screen

Artists Repertory Theatre’s Stage Meets Screen series, in conjunction with their production of The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart by David Greig, presents Ridley Scott’s gorgeous dark fantasy opus LEGEND!

A fairy tale kingdom is in peril as the demonic overlord Darkness (Tim Curry) seeks to create eternal night by eradicating the world of unicorns. It’s up to Princess Lili (Mia Sara) and her forest-dwelling paramour Jack (Tom Cruise) to take on a magical quest riddled with rhyming goblins, marshy swamp witches, ogres, fairies, and dwarves in the race against time to stop Darkness.

Bring your ticket for LEGEND to the Artists Repertory Theatre box office for a discount on The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart or use code DEVIL for $40 tickets! Written by David Greig and directed by Luan Schooler and Dámaso Rodríguez, Artist Repertory Theatre’s Art on Tour production of The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart plays November 30 through January 5 at the Tiffany Center. Tickets and more information here: https://www.artistsrep.org/ticketing/201920-season/the-strange-undoing-of-prudencia-hart/

Guest passes accepted.

Reserved seating available for our Visionary and Cinephile Society members. Click here for more details about these membership levels.

Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening