Les Blank's Greatest Hits

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

Les Blank made tons of beautiful documentaries about the nooks and crannies of American culture - focusing largely on food and music. Here we are proud to present three of Mississippi Records' favorites - life-affirming films that will remind you that humans are capable of beauty and kindness.

ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE (57 min, 1978)
The most beautiful portrait of New Orleans ever committed to film. Street corner philosophers, soul singer Irma Thomas sharing cooking tips, Mardi Gras Indians in all their finery, moving brass band funeral dirges, piles of crawfish, Professor Longhair, and more parades than you can shake a stick at. A must for anyone who loves culture.

A WELL SPENT LIFE (44 minutes. 1971)
Life lessons uttered through the words and guitar playing of blues singer and sharecropper Mance Lipscomb. An utterly beautiful and life-affirming film.

GARLIC IS AS GOOD AS 10 MOTHERS (50 minutes. 1980)
A treatise on the power of the stinking rose. Features Alice Waters (Chez Panisse) cooking insane-looking garlic dishes, weird hippy men in ill-advised outfits waxing philosophical, Cajun and Gypsy music in equal measures, and lots of almost pornographic close-ups of garlic. A good time!

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