Lifeforce in 70mm

Series: 70mm

A 70mm print of Tobe Hooper's intergalactic vampire classic! Tickets go on sale to Hollywood Theatre Members on Friday 5/24 at noon, and to the general public on Monday 5/26 at noon.

LIFEFORCE (1985) When a space mission encounters an alien craft, three humanoids in suspended animation are found and brought aboard the shuttle. Back on Earth, one of the extraterrestrials (Mathilda May) turns out to be an intergalactic vampire and proceeds to suck the life force out of various Earthlings, turning London into a city of roaming zombies! When a surviving astronaut (Steve Railsback) realizes what is happening, he sets out to stop the ruthless alien presence. Co-starring Patrick Stewart, and directed by Tobe Hooper (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, POLTERGEIST).

Special 30 min pre-show featuring Hollywood organist Dean Lemire on our mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ!

Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible