Lindy Hop, Jumpin' Jazz & Jitterbug

Dennis Nyback presents Lindy Hop, Jumpin’ Jazz & Jitterbug. All on 16mm! Ninety minutes of fabulous Lindy Hop and Jitterbug dancing, along with absolutely great jazz music. There have been periodic revivals of Lindy Hop dancing, it is unbelievably fun to do. Dennis Nyback will introduce the show and include a Lindy demonstration and lesson. Show includes:

Jammin’ the Blues (1944) Considered by many the best jazz film ever made.  It features the dancers Marie Bryant and Archie Savage.  The musicians include Lester Young, Sweets Edison, Illinois Jacquet, Barney Kessel, Marlowe Morris, Jo Jones, Big Sid Catlett, and others.

Jazz Dance (1954) This amazing film is of a night at a New York dance hall in 1954.  It shows what a ball it was to Lindy Hop.

Jerry Wald Orchestra from Swing the Western Way (1947)  Excerpt. Jerry Wald was an excellent clarinet player. Good dancing too and great examples of 1940's Pendleton Shirts.

Stormy Weather (1943) Amazing jazz and dancing with the Nicholas Brothers, Katherine Dunham Dancers, Bill Robinson, Cab Calloway, and Lena Horne.

And more!


Thursday, November 27