Series: B-Movie Bingo

World Karate Champion Chuck Norris (GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK) gives the finest performance of his career as the renegade Texas Ranger J.J. McQuade in this action-packed 1983 film.

McQuade is a hard-driving, beer-drinking lawman whose unorthodox methods have helped him remain a successful loner. So, when his supervisor tries to saddle him with a partner (Robert Beltran) , J.J. gives his new sidekick the slip. But soon they both become embroiled in the crime spree begun by gun-runner Rawley (David Carradine). To add to the growing tension, Rowley's beautiful wife (Barbara Carrera) soon becomes McQuade's fondest admirer.

When the violence extends to J.J.'s daughter, he goes on a do-or-die mission of revenge, accompanied only by his partner and a single FBI agent. Together, they hike to Rawley's secret lair, where McQuade confronts his enemy in a duel of hands and feet, a climactic battle between two of the most famous martial arts experts.

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