Mac and Me

This month's guest hecklers:

Jordan Casner
Stephanie Purtle
Robbie Pankow
Craig May
Patrick Quinn
Veronica Heath
Andy MacDonald

A story of true friendship, overcoming adversity and making absolutely everyone uncomfortable by dancing in a McDonald’s, MAC & ME hit theatres in 1988 in an attempt to capitalize on both the success of E.T. - THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL and, well, capitalism itself.

Transparently (but never officially) supported by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, MAC AND ME follows a Mysterious Alien Creature and a boy, Eric Cruise (Jade Calegory in his only film role) that befriends him. MAC is on the run from evil government agents after being sucked up by a space vacuum, and ends up taking refuge with the Cruise family. Now Eric and MAC have to escape FBI agents (sound familiar?), hiding in a McDonald’s and a mall and discovering the healing powers of Coca-Cola along the way. A bizarre and unforgettable film that has the unique distinction of being featured by Paul Rudd in one of the longest-running talk show pranks ever, MAC AND ME will find a special place in your heart, even if it has to make you really, really uncomfortable to get there.

We’re proud to announce this screening will also benefit CHAP, Children’s Healing Art Project, a local non-profit that brings the healing power of art to children in crisis through a mobile team of teaching artists working in a partnership with hospitals, community organizations and schools. You’ll be able to donate directly to CHAP at this screening and help us raise even more money for them by entering a special raffle, where we’ll give away art and gift certificates to some Portland-area businesses that support their cause. Learn more about CHAP at:

This special screening is presented in HECKLEVISION: Through the magic of MuVChat technology, your jokes, heckles and commentary are encouraged - in TEXT form! Tap out your wittiest wisecracks with your phone and they'll appear instantly on screen! Each month, special guests will hang out to crack jokes via text with you and a few hundred of your best friends!


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Sunday, July 20