Macunaima - Church of Film

Monday, April 20 at 9:30pm  |  $5  |

Starring Grande Otelo as Macunaima, "a hero with no character," Joaquim Pedro de Andrade's surreal farce is one of the monumental classics of the Brazilian Cinema Novo. Macunaima is born a feckless, whiny, and wily in the jungle. A magical transformation turns him into a handsome white man, but does nothing to change his lazy disposition. It does, however, change the way people see him and that makes more than enough difference. A extraordinarily colorful, madcap and surreal social satire that follows Macunaima and his cohorts as they make their way through modern day Brazil, with it's revolutionary violence, its sexual liberty,  and its mad cannibal (literally…) industrialists! Based on Mario de Andrade's modernist classic novel from 1928.



Tuesday, April 21