Malaysian Double Feature: Zombie Infection + Miimaland + Shorts 2

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Short Films Block 2
Don’t miss this killer lineup of short horror films from all over the world! Q&A with attending filmmakers follows.

Feature: Zombie Infection
What starts off as a series of secretive biological experiments becomes a complete catastrophe as Borneo Island is crippled by a zombie-like epidemic in the year 1999. The infection spreads so fast that it reaches a point of no return. A group of teenagers seeks refuge in the jungle with the indigenous people, and they are not welcomed with open arms as cases of zombie infection spreads in the village. A young Dayak warrior named Gadang must lead his people to fight back and reclaim their lands.

We are thrilled to be showing you Malaysia’s first Zombie film! Filmed on location in the jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur, Director Ray Lee gathered a group of Malaysian, international, and Iban actors for this film.

Feature: Miimaland
A couple filming a reality show in a haunted theme park must overcome vengeful spirits in order to save their unborn child.

Malaysian Director Nevin Hiong was inspired by Miimaland (an abandoned amusement park), one of the most notorious and mysterious abandoned places in Malaysia. Mimaland is practically an urban legend. Many people have heard about it but very few have actually been there since it was shut down, making it the perfect inspiration and setting for a horror movie!

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