March of the Wooden Soldiers

MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS (aka BABES IN TOYLAND) (1934) starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and considered by many as one of their best feature films. This rare 35mm print is the original B&W version, which originally ran at the Hollywood Theatre when the film opened in 1934.

The movie, originally produced by Hal Roach as "Babes in Toyland" contains  music from Victor Herbert's operetta and features nursery rhyme characters including Little Bo Peep and Tom Thumb played by Charlotte Henry ("Alice in Wonderland") and Felix Knight, along with a large cast of Hal Roach performers. Also featured are the three little pigs, wooden soldiers and the fearsome boogymen.

This ambitious production has been reissued and seen continuously through the years in schools, theatres and television, but rarely in such a pristine quality print as this special presentation, exclusively at the Hollywood. This is the special treat for the entire family, equally timeless and enjoyable as it was 80 years ago.



Sunday, December 6