Mazes & Monsters in Hecklevision

Series: Hecklevision

A young Tom Hanks plays college student Robbie Wheeling, who’s new to Grant University and in need of friends. He finds a group of like-minded people looking for an escape from their problems, leading them to the world of the fantasy role-playing game “Mazes and Monsters” (a lawyer-proofed version of D&D). Things get too real, too fast, and Robbie finds himself lost in the real world while he thinks he’s on an epic adventure to a sacred place. Terrible acting and bizarre delivery from everyone involved - including Mr. Hanks well before he was a known name - make this film the REEFER MADNESS of tabletop gaming and a must-see for pen-and-paper warriors and cult movie connoisseurs alike!

Presented in HECKLEVISION: Text your jokes, heckles and commentary, and watch them appear instantly on screen!

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