Me, Myself & Her

Series: Queer Commons Film Festival

Marina and Federica have been together for five years now, they live in a gorgeous apartment in Rome, they share the same bed, they make love, they fight, but they still don’t know if they’re a couple.

Marina has it all: she's beautiful, sexy and funny. She's an independent, self-confident and curious woman, who knows what she wants and has no doubts about her sexuality. She likes women and she loves Federica.
Federica is a busy respected architect with a marriage behind her and a son in his twenties. Marina is the first and only woman of her life. Federica is overly discreet and very different from Marina.
While Marina is happy to believe she is part of a couple, Federica, after meeting a man she once had a crush for, experiences a crisis of identity and starts asking herself what she really wants from life and love.