Mean Streets PDX

When most people think of independent films produced in Portland, they think of movies like Gus Van Sant’s Drugstore Cowboy and James Westby’s Film Geek .  But what about Tom Shaw, “the Ed Wood of Portland,” and his film The Courier of Death , or Rockaday Richie and the Queen of the Hop , the first locally produced feature film to get international, theatrical distribution? What about Fatal Revenge , Unhinged , Brainsmashe r , Iron Heart and all the other long-forgotten B-movies made in Portland?

Join local critic, historian, and filmmaker David Walker as he hosts a one-night-only showcase of films made in Portland, but seldom seen by the public. It will an informative and entertaining night of both art and schlock, as Walker presents a collection of trailers, clips and personal commentary highlighting the Best and Worst of PDX B-Movies.



Wednesday, March 21