Members Only: Daddy Long Legs

"Raw, honest, and jarring, DADDY LONG LEGS sets a spellbinding new standard for DIY cinema." - Rotten Tomatoes

Before GOOD TIME and UNCUT GEMS (opening on December 25 at the Hollywood), Josh and Benny Safdie made waves in the independent film scene with DADDY LONG LEGS. Based on their own childhood experiences, the film follows a divorced, incompetent father and his sons during the two weeks out of the year that he has custody. Starring the Safdie Brothers' closest collaborator, Ronald Bronstein (a talented filmmaker in his own right; his incomparable FROWNLAND is available for rent at Movie Madness), DADDY LONG LEGS is an uneasy portrait of familial fracture with an undercurrent of anxiety pulsating through it - all early indicators of what was to come in their later work.



Wednesday, December 18