Message TV

A grab bag of lessons TV taught us in our collective past:  Preachy sitcom episodes, cartoon character hosted PSA’s and many more wise anecdotes from the Reagan Era.

Before the invention of the Internet where could one go for reliable information?  Television of course.  If parents and teachers weren’t able or willing to do their civic duty educating children about controversial subjects like drugs, AIDS or sex education, T.V. stepped in and did it for them.  Join us at the Hollywood Theater as we celebrate the great teaching eye of TV by compiling lost episodes from bygone eras dramatizing and making comedy in order to inform us about the various touchy subjects children had to know if they were to navigate the labrynth of life.  Featured this time will be episodes of “Mr. Belvedere” and “Family Ties”, PSA’s from He-Man and Pee-Wee Herman, slews of commercials from the golden era of the eighties and much, much more.  You will feel much better knowing you learned about these important issues, kicking back in the comfortable new seats, drinking a beer and watching these lessons unfold on a fifty foot screen!



Tuesday, March 27