Miami Vice 7 - Calderone's Return

Series: Re-Run Theater

Our seventh annual tribute to all things Miami Vice, the show that established the genre of Neon Noir, solidified Michael Mann’s career, and changed cop shows forever with its MTV style of direction. This is a sequel of sorts to the premier episode “Brother’s Keeper.”

A mysterious assassin shoots holes in Crockett’s efforts to reconcile with his estranged wife. Soon Crockett and Tubbs learn the hired gun is in the employ of their old nemesis, Calderone.

Hot on the trail of Calderone, the duo travel to the Bahamas, determined to take him down once and for all.  

Flashy, sun drenched, pastel draped ads from the '80s will play at every break. Celebrate the occasion by wearing your best tropical shirt, '80s pant suit, skinny tie, shoulder pads, or loafers without socks. Wine coolers will be served!

Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening