Miami Vice Fest 8

Series: Re-Run Theater

We’ve officially been doing this longer than the original series was on the air!

Another sizzling summer of sports cars, satin pants, shoulder pads, and shoes without socks… mayhem and murder set to an MTV soundtrack. The absolute epitome of Neon Noir…Anthony Yerkovich and Michael Mann’s MIAMI VICE.

Dark secrets from Crockett’s past dating all the way back to his time in Vietnam come back to haunt him and his partner Tubbs as they track down gun runners and heroin smugglers. Plus there's always chief Castillo’s cold glares and smug reprimands every time they make a move. Friendships are tested to the limit and destiny deals deadly payback for sins never forgiven.

Wear your best tropical shirts or outlandish '80s outfit for maximum effect!

Guest Passes and Member Guest Passes accepted.

Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening